How It Began


I never imagined myself being a thing maker. I had a very basic sewing machine that my husband got me for my birthday and a little sewing kit to fix up buttons.

I was back in Japan last winter, and my sister decided to buy a sewing machine to sew her daughter a Christmas stocking for the little girl’s school party. So, I went along to shop for a sewing machine and some fabrics. There, I instantly fell in love with cute retro patterned fabrics. I picked up a couple that I couldn’t resist, and started looking for a pattern for little kid’s bag. I did okay and still not so convinced, but I did go back to the fabric store to pick up more fabrics! So, I sew some more for my daughter’s friends and eventually the joy of thing making grew in me. Now this is my passion and I’m sitting in front of my sewing machine almost every day, or I’m daydreaming and doodling what to sew next when I’m not sewing.

My very first design “Aya” is named after my daughter because this journey of Asa Komono began from the one little purse I made for her.

- Asa 麻 - Linen


In my designs, I use a lot of linen fabrics. I have always liked linen or other more-organic-textured things. When I discovered my love of Japanese fabrics, it made sense because there is a great selection of cotton+linen fabrics. After all, linen is great to work with, durable and simply chic so you will see more designs with linen fabric in my bag lines.

Japanese Fabric


I like to use both traditional and modern patterns of fabrics and Japanese fabrics hold both the quality and unique designs. They excite me, and imagining your everyday becoming a little more upbeat with the little things I make is what motivates me to create.